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The new WMF 950 S

The ideal colleague for your company or office

The new WMF 950 S unites elegant design with a space-saving format and reliable performance. With plenty of options, it can meet all individual needs. The WMF 950 S is a real team player, whether your company is a co-working space, fitness studio, or serviced apartments.

Céline Flores Willers

appreciates the reliable performance, individual beverage variety, and perfect daily output in her co-working space.

Michael Schetter

was looking for a coffee machine with easy operation, quick cleaning, and a space-saving format for his fitness clubs.

Almut Böker

offers her guests professional quality and elegant design – from the interior to the coffee.

#Favourite Colleague

With a permanent place in the co-working office

Professionalism and reliability don't stop at the coffee machine in Céline's company.

Céline's Story

"We deliver top performance every day, and the machine has to be able to keep up."

As CEO of "The People Branding Company", efficiency and quality are of utmost importance to Céline Flores Willers – this also applies to the furnishings in her Munich co-working office. For her, an optimal office atmosphere includes high-quality coffee, despite a daily output of only 40 to 50 cups.
The WMF 950 S is designed precisely for this performance and can also be personalised. All employees can simply store their own coffee creations in the menu and access them on demand. This ultimately made the decision easy for Céline: "We were looking for a coffee machine that works as individually and professionally as we do. And that's exactly what we found with the WMF 950 S".
Another plus point: its space-saving design and low noise level allows the machine to be at the centre of the action without disturbing anyone.

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Céline Flores Willers has already been named "LinkedIn Top Voice" three times. With over 112,000 followers, she is one of the best-known German influencers on that platform. With "The People Branding Company", Céline passes on her knowledge and helps clients gain more visibility in the digital world. In early 2021, she published the Spiegel bestseller "Zukunftsrepublik" together with other authors. Céline is particularly happy about her collaboration with WMF, as she loves to drink coffee.

#Top Athlete

Refuelling for the next training session

At Michael's fitness club, a healthy lifestyle comes first – including fine coffee.

Michael's Story

"The WMF 950 S offers maximum convenience and perfect customer orientation - just what we expect of ourselves."

Michael's In Shape fitness clubs stand for excellent service and the highest quality. While guests physically give their all, the coffee machine in the background must also perform to capacity. So far, however, no fully automatic coffee machine has lived up to Michael's standards, despite low daily needs.
That's why Michael now relies on the new WMF 950 S. The machine takes up very little space on the counter and with around 50 cups per day, is perfectly designed for the demand in his gym.
For staff members, this means hardly any extra time. The intuitive touch display enables fast, individual preparation of drinks for guests. In the evening, the machine can be cleaned in no time. The large bean hopper ensures that coaches do not have to worry about refilling it but can devote themselves to their guests.

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Michael Schetter is the founder and managing director of the exclusive In Shape fitness clubs. Together with his business partner Nico Scheller, the former European record holder in the bench press and junior European champion manages a total of 13 locations with 29 employees.
Due to the geographical closeness to WMF Professional Coffee Machines, an initial partnership was formed early on and Michael was one of the first test users of the WMF 950 S. Today, he inspires his guests in several studios with the professionalism and quality of WMF: "We are the perfect training partners".


From design to catering

In Almut's serviced apartments, the coffee experience blends into the ambience not only in terms of taste, but also visually and acoustically.

Almut's Story

"The WMF 950 S is made for us."

In her chalets, Almut Böker relies on high-end equipment and top quality – and that doesn't stop at the coffee machine. With the WMF 950 S, she can offer her guests high-quality coffee enjoyment that fits perfectly into the gastronomic and visual concept of her small village of chalets. The excellent coffee quality convinces even the most discriminating customers, and the elegant WMF design makes the machine a show-stopper.
Despite its small size, the WMF 950 S places great emphasis on professional performance. Thanks to its large 7-inch touchscreen display, guests can easily create and prepare their own coffee drinks. The output is also a perfect match: with around 50 cups per day, the machine is designed to meet the daily requirements of a serviced apartment and works quietly in the background without disturbing guests during breakfast.

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Almut Böker is the managing director of the 5-star Büchelbergerei chalet village. She has many years of experience as a tourism consultant and operates her own advertising agency for hotels and holiday flats. Since October 2021, ten luxuriously furnished chalets in the heart of the Franconian Lake District have been available for her guests to unwind. When furnishing the chalets, Almut and her brother and business partner Axel put great emphasis on sustainability and local produce. WMF as a quality brand was thus an easy choice for them.

WMF 950 S

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